World's Fastest Agency is a new kind of marketing and communications agency.

From briefing to a creative solution within 24 hours, WFA helps time-pressured clients keep pace with the lightning fast 24/7 global media and social culture.

Clients can say goodbye to 100-page PowerPoint decks, meetings, weeks of fee negotiation, countless emails, more meetings, lunch, meetings, scope of work to-ing and fro-ing, meetings, more emails, Q&A sessions, tissue meetings, inaudible conference call, pitch, feedback, feedback on the feedback, re-briefing, re-pitching, another meeting, more feedback, focus groups, another meeting, more emails....


Brief: "Gain media and buzz for our park anywhere small car"

Idea: "Attach replica cars to landmark city buildings."  


Brief:  "Create national media coverage for our sore throat lozenge"

Idea:  "Sell my voice on eBay, I'll shout the brand name every hour for a week"

These are two case studies based on previous non-WFA work but serve nicely as hypothetical examples of our areas of expertise include: tag lines, product and service naming, comms platforms, stunts, PR concepts, experiential, social & guerrilla.

WFA is the world's first 100% Twitter based ad agency and is a subsidiary FHC INC,  a creative marketing and communications consultancy ran by Floyd Hayes.  

Hayes was winner of the 2008  and 2013 Mirren Business Forum pitch battle where world class teams had four hours to be briefed and pitch a winning concept to a panel of industry experts.