Pitch Battle Winner

WFA's Founder & Creative Director, Floyd Hayes took part  in the Mirren Conference Pitch Battle Competition.

Two teams were selected, given a brief and given 4 hours to develop a campaign, build a deck and pitch the results in front of 400 senior marketing professionals at the event.

The brief was given by Josh Dean, Senior Brand Director at AXE.  The challenge was to develop a campaign for a hypothetical new deo for single men aged 65+ 

Hayes' team, "Father" consisted of Sandy Sabean from Womenkind, Nic Occhiminuti from SplendensNYC and Brittany Bozmoski from Laughlin Constable.

Team Father won, making it the second Mirren Pitch Battle Hayes has taken the prize, a first in the conference's history.

Details: Mirren Business Conference

Advertising is a Mug's Game

Here at WFA HQ, we've been looking at ways to expand our "fast and good" ethos beyond responses to client briefs.  

Our "Friday Fast Facts" on twitter are being well received, take a look: @fastestagency

We've also been playing with some merchandise ideas, including this rather splendid mug.  Not currently for sale to the general public as perhaps four people on the planet will buy them.  If you happen to be one of the four email us and we will make one and gladly sell it to you:


Fast Thinking Group

In addition to the our robust "makers and doers" production database, we've set up the Fast Thinking Group.  

The Group came about in response to so many keen, fast-thinking creative types who got in touch since launch, wanting to be part of WFA.  

It's a strong, tight group, all under NDA of course.  Think of them as the Navy Seals of Fast Thinking.

This group will be deployed on Creative Briefs from Clients as and when support is needed by the core WFA team.  

If you think you're a Fast Thinker, get in touch by DM: @fastestagency

First Client Press Release

April 2nd, 2013 | For Immediate Release

World's Fastest Agency (WFA) is proud to announce its first client.
Largest online coupon site in the U.S., RetailMeNot (retailmenot.com) sent their 140-

character Twitter Direct Mail brief within 6-hours of WFA's highly publicized launch.

A response from WFA arrived 19.5 hours later, eliciting the following client comments:

"A good marketing idea is worth its weight in gold, and I've paid a lot more in my day for less than worthy ideas from other ad agencies. We like the return on our small investment in the World's Fastest Agency on what turned out to be fun, creative thinking." said Cotter Cunningham, CEO, RetailMeNot, Inc.

"RetailMeNot has always been on the cutting edge of sourcing content. Their business model is somewhat reminiscent of how we have used the power of the Internet to encourage our community of users to post coupons to our website. The World's Fastest Agency is an example of how the Internet is creating new business models that disrupt the status quo."

WFA Founder and Creative Director Floyd Hayes commented, "RetailMeNot Inc, gave us a fantastic creative challenge. We're delighted that our response has provided us with our first satisfied client and demonstrable proof the WFA model is a viable, effective new method for clients to engage with creative resources."

Hayes continues, "Since our March 18th, 2013 launch, the response from the media and clients has been phenomenal. We're looking forward to announcing some major new clients soon. Watch this space."

Email:  WorldsFastestAgency@gmail.com 

Twitter: @fastestagency